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This stuff is here because it's somewhere I can always find it and know where to look for it. It's taken from the manual and translated into something I can understand! For the RS250.

After Connecting the Battery

Switch from km/h to mph
Press button A for 5 seconds, until the display flashes
Press button B to change to mph
To confirm and end the procedure, press button A for 5 seconds.

Setting the Red Line
Push button C and hold it for 3 seconds
The needle will start moving up from zero
Hold the button until it's near the desired limit
Release the button and pressing it again increases the limit by 100rpm increments
The red line is 12,000rpm so set the limit just before it, say 11,000, so the light flashes before the limit.
The procedure will end automatically.

Button D
Press the button once to display the battery voltage
Press it again and the time can be set, hours first, press the lap button to change it
Press again to adjust the minutes, same deal as before
Press it again and you can change the temperature reading from F to C, use the lap button to change
Press it again to end the procedure

The Lap Timer
To activate the lap timer press Lap then D within 1 second
To start the lap timer running press Lap. On the first lap it starts from zero, on the second it pauses for 10 seconds (so you can read the last lap time) then starts from 10.
To recall the first time recorded press button B
To scroll through them press Lap
To reset the memory press button A and Lap together for 2 seconds
To end the lap timer function, press Lap and button D together.

If you turn the bike off with the key the display will be reset back to the time but you can get the lap times back by entering the lap timer and pressing button B, then scroll through them with the Lap button.

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