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E-Mail Terms

Annoyed at shorthand abbreviations? Me too, here's a list. This list has a few triathlon specific and a few Mini terms but the majority are universal and can be found all over the place.

Abbreviation - Meaning

AAMOF - As a matter of fact
ABS - Always bloody something
ADN - Any day now
AeT - Aerobic Threshold
AFAIC - As far as I'm concerned
AFAIK - As far as I know
AISI - As I see it
Alto - Alternator
AMNA - All mouth, no action
ANFAWFOS - And now for a word from our sponsor
ANFAWFOWS - And now for a word from our Web sponsor
AOL - Arseholes on line
APR - Australian Pursuit Race
ASAP - As soon as possible
ASAFP - As soon as friggin' possible
ASNG - All show no go
AWGTHTGTTA - Are we going to have to go through this again
AWGTHTGTTSA - Are we going to have to go through this shit again
B4 - Before
BB - Big Bopper
BCNU - Be seeing you
BEG - Big evil grin
BFD - Big F**king deal
BFG - Big fat grin
BFOS - Big field of shit
BK - Backstroke
BNF - Big name fan
BoB - Brian of Bozeat
BOBFOC - Body off Baywatch Face off Crimewatch
BOP - Back of Pack
BOT - Back on topic
BR - Breast stroke
BRBR - Blue Rinse Breast Stroker
BRO - Big Ring Only
BSEG - Big shit eating grin
BTSOOM - Beats the shit out of me
BTW - By the way
CIAO - Goodbye (Italian)
CMF - Count my fingers
CMIIW - Correct me if I'm wrong
CTC - Choking the chicken
CUL - Catch you later
CUL8R - See you later
DBA - Doing business as
DBEYR - Don't believe everything you read
DBN - Doing business, NOT
DFL - dead last
DHYB - Don't hold your breath
DIIK - Damned if I know
DIGEST - Receive List E mails daily in one lot
DILLIGAD - Do I look like I give a damn
Dizzy - Distributor
DNPS - Damned near pissed myself
DQYDJ - Don't quite your day job
DYSTSOTT - Did you see the size of that thing
E2EG - Ear to ear grin
ELG - Exceptionally large grin
EMFBI - Excuse me for butting in
EOD - End of discussion
EOL - End of lecture
FBiL - Fat Boy in Lycra
FC - Front Crawl
FE - Fatal error
FFS - For F**k sake
FIFL - Fun Fit Friendly
FITB - Fill in the blank
FOAD - F**k off and die
FOBL - Fell outta bed laughing
FOCL - Fell outta chair laughing
FOMC - Falling off my chair (laughing)
FOMCROFL - Fell off my chair rolling on floor laughing
FOP - Front of Pack
FTASB - Faster than a speeding bullet
FTL - Faster than light
FTM - Finger Tight Malcolm
FUBAR - F**ked up beyond all repair
FUBB - F**ked up beyond belief
FWIW - For what its worth
FYI - For your information
FYM - For your misinformation
GIGO - Garbage in garbage out
GIWIST - Gee I wish I said that
GR&D - Grinning, running and ducking
HAK - Hugs and kisses
HBOL - Haynes book of lies
HHTYAY - Happy holidays to your and yours
HIM - Half Ironman
HLVB - Hasta la vista baby
HM - Honey Monster
HHOK - Ha Ha, only kidding
HHO1/2K - Ha Ha, only half kidding
HIOOC - Help I'm out of coffee
HR - Heart Rate
HRM - Heart Rate Monitor
HTH - Hope this helps
HTMYM - How to modify your Mini
HUYA - Head up your arse
IAC - In any case
IAE - In any event
IANAL - I am not a Lawyer
IANAC - I am not a crook
IANALBIPOOTV - I am not a lawyer, but I play one on TV
IAOH - I am outta here
IBARFT - It's been a real fun time
IBC - Inadequate, but cute
IBM - Inadequate, but marketable
IBCNU - I'll be seeing you
IBTD - I beg to differ
IC - I see
IFABCTE - I found a bug call the exterminator
IGMC - I'll get my coat
IIRC - If I remember correctly
IITYWTMWYKM - If I tell you what this means will you kiss me
IITYWTMWYBMAD - If I tell you what this means will you buy me a drink
IITYWTMWTLMA - If I tell you what this means will you leave me alone
IIWM - If I were me
ILIWTPCT - I love it when the plan comes together.
ILSHIBAMF - I laughed so hard I broke all my furniture
ILSHIBMS - I laughed so hard I broke my stitches
IM - Ironman
IMCO - In my considered opinion
IME - International Mini Encyclopaedia
IMHO - In my humble opinion
IMM - International Mini Meet
IMNSHO - In my not so humble opinion
IMUK - Ironman UK
INPO - In no particular order
IOW - In other words
IRTFMBDU - I read the flaming manual but didn't understand
ISHBAB - I should have bought a book
ITSFWI - If the shoe fits, wear it
IYSWIM - If you see what I mean
JIC - Just in case
JSNM - Just stark naked magic
KHYF - Know how you feel
KISS - Keep it simple stupid
KMA - Kiss my ASCII
KOL - Keeling over laughing
L2B - London to Brighton
L8R - Later
LA - Lance Armstrong
LAB&TYD - Life's a bitch & then you die
LAY - Laughing at you
LBS - Local Bike shop
LC - Long Course
LCB - Long centre branch (manifold)
LCY - Long Course Yards
LD - Long Distance (4km-120km-30km)
LDTTWA - Lets do the time warp again
LFWM - Little Fat Welsh Man
LLTA - Lots and lots of thunderous applause
LMAS - Laugh my a**e off
LMSO - laughed my socks off
LMLSO - laughed my little socks off
LOL - Laugh out loud
LSD - Long Slow Distance
LSHHTCMS - Laughed so hard, had to change my shorts
LTIP - Laughed till I puked
MITP - Mini's in the park
MLM - MINI List meet
MLP - Mini Love Parade
MOP - Middle of Pack
MOWOG - MOrris WOlseley Garages
MTFBWY - May the force be with you
NBD - No big deal
NBFD - No big f**king deal
NFW - No f**king way
NRN - No reply necessary
NTYMI - Now that you mention it
NYCFS - New York City finger salute
OAUS - On an unrelated subject
OATUS - On a totally unrelated subject
OATIS - On a totally irrelevant subject
OBTW - Oh, by the way
Oly - Olympic distance triathlon
ONNA - Oh no, not again
ONNTA - Oh no not this again
OOTC - Obligatory on topic comment
OOTQ - Out of the question
OTC - Over the counter
OTOH - On the other hand
OTOOH - On the other other hand
OTSH - On the same hand
OTTOMH - Off the top of my head
OTTOMHAROOB - Off the top of my head and rolling out of bounds
OWTTE - Or words to that effect
OZMLM - Australia MINI List meet
PDWA - Pressure differential warning actuator
PITA - Pain in the arse
PMF - Pull my finger
PMFBI - Pardon me for butting in
PMSL - pi**ed myself laughing
PMYMHMMFSWGAD - Pardon me, you must have mistaken me for someone who gives a damn
PNS - Pretty neat stuff
POV - Point of view
QC - Quality control
RBEG - Really big evil grin
RBTL - Read between the lines
RESO - New Years Resolution people
RML - Read my lips
RMM - Read my mail
RO - Race Organiser
ROBOP - Rear of back of pack
ROTFFNAR - Rolling on the floor for no apparent reason
ROTFL - Rolling on the floor laughing
ROTFLMAO - Rolling on the floor laughing my arse off
ROTFTTPOF - Rolling on the floor trying to put out flames
ROTM - Right on the money
RR - Road Race
RSN - Real soon now
RTFM - Read the f**king manual
SCM - Short Course Metres
SCY - Short Course Yards
SH - Shit happens
SH2M - Shit happens to me
SIDH - Sorry I didn't help
SITD - Still in the dark
SOI - Sit on it
SOOL - Shit out of luck
STM - Spank the monkey
TAFL - Take a flying leap
TANSTAAFL - There ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TANSTAASQ - There ain't no such thing as a stupid question
TBASE - Tuning BL's A series engine
TDTM - Talk dirty to me
TFASB - Time for a sex break
TGIF -Thanks god it's Friday
TFN - Thanks for nothing
TIA - Thanks in advance
TIC - Tongue in cheek
TISEC - Tongue in someone else cheek
TLA - Three letter acronym
TM - Trust me
TOASTING - To be removed from the list
Tri - Triathlon
TRoT - T-rex of Tri
TSR - Terminate and stay resident
TT - Time Trial
TT - TriTalk
TTT - That's the ticket
TWHAB - This won't hurt a bit
UES - Ultimate engine steady
UKIM - UK Ironman
UKMLM - UK MINI List meet
UKP - United Kingdom Pounds
USD - United States Dollar
USMLM - US MINI List meet
VI - Village idiot
WGAFS - Who gives a flying shit
WIT - Wordsmith in training
WMG - Where's my glasses
WOTAM - Waste of time and money
WOT - Wide open throttle
WTHDTIM - What the hell do these initials mean
WTSDS - Where the sun don't shine
WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get
WYSIUWYW - What you see isn't usually what you want
YGBK - You gotta be kidding
<g> - Grin
<G> - Big grin
<ls> - Little shit
<BS> - Big shit
<f> - Little f**k
<F> - Big f**k
<FU> - F**k you

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