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Past Bikes

From 17 years old I have ridden bikes and have always enjoyed the thrill of them. Trouble is, the more you mature and take on the responsibilities of houses etc, the more they become expensive toys. It became increasingly difficult to keep my bikes and just before our wedding I sold my GSX-R750. I went without for almost five years and have just recently bought the Aprilia and it's good to be back. Here is a list of bikes I've owned so far.

Suzuki TS50X My first bike, a Suzuki TS50X. My parents were totally against it but after they told me that I'd have to move out of the house if I got one and I said I would they agreed to lend me the extra money and buy a new bike instead of the 'rickety old death trap' that I could afford. I borrowed the money from my Nan in the end. Still owe her. Had to hire a 125cc to take my test and passed about 6 months later and on my 18th Birthday, the same day I passed my car test.
Suzuki RG250Gamma With a full licence under my belt I bought a Suzuki RG250Gamma. I have to admit, I was an accident waiting to happen and sure enough it did. Fell off going too fast around a corner. If that wasn't bad enough it was in front of a bus queue of people on a Saturday afternoon in the high street. Pushed the bike home and later bought new cans from DEP and had the fairing re-sprayed.
Suzuki TS125X After the accident I had a rare bout of being sensible and so bought a Suzuki TS125X. Stepping back to a 125 gave me the chance to acquire some road knowledge and define some riding skills. Fell off this one in the car park at work, you know the scene, 5.05pm every employee in the company is in the car park and I couldn't resist the chance to show off. Trouble was it back fired and fell off on some loose gravel. Another valuable lesson learned.

Suzuki RG500 Gamma With all my new found skill and knowledge I bought a RG500 Gamma. My first really powerful bike. Silly power delivery gave lots of potential for wheelies and a top speed of around 140mph. Hit a Golf GTI at a fork in the road one day and spent £2000 on repairs. Also had this bike stolen on the first day of ownership. Luckily it was found 20 miles away almost without damage. Nice bike.

Suzuki GSX-R750J Slingshot GSX-R750J Slingshot. This bike was the bike to have at the time (excluding Bimota, Ducati etc.) The redesigned frame and carb's delivered a well sorted package. My first four stroke and a bit too expensive for me to afford at the time. Almost perfect condition when I sold it to a shop where the mechanic crashed it within a week. Four stroke power deliver made it fun off the lights and made long journey easy with the high cruising speed, 130 mph or so.

Suzuki RGV250 This was one of my favourite bikes. Suzuki RGV250. The best handling bike I'd ridden at the time. Production tuned by Bob Farnham made it quicker than a GSX-R750 in the power band. Completely excellent weekend bike. I almost went racing on this one, had my licence, spare parts and leather but in the end couldn't risk crashing my bike. Next best thing to a GP bike for the road. Word had it that Suzuki would release a RGV500 if Kevin Schwantz won the world title, but they never. Gits.

Suzuki GSX-R750 Having a girlfriend at the time, now the wife, made the RGV a bit impractical so I bought another GSX-R750. If ever there was a bike that was bad luck then this was it. I crashed it very heavily and caused extensive damage. Bent frame, fairing smashed, tank dented, exhausts scratched through. Took us almost a year to buy all new bits for it. Once it was complete I sold it. The next owner of it crashed it within a month and snapped the forks, smashed fairing, lights, clocks......... A bad luck bike.

Suzuki GSX-R750 My last bike before the wedding and the one I sold to finance it, another GSX-R750. Almost my favourite bike, after the RGV. The fastest I've ever been in my life was on this bike. Flat out in top gear, around 170mph. Totally awesome experience but totally scary as well. Low mileage and being garaged meant it was in perfect condition. This is a bike I missed, especially when it was sunny.

Aprillia RS250 My long wait was over, I  bought an Aprilia RS250. Suzuki don't make the RGV250 anymore but I think the RS250 is better anyway. There is plenty to read about this bike so I won't go on about it except to say it really is a good bike. It could do with some more power but other than that. it's faultless.

Well that's all of them. Well not strictly all of them, I bought a second-hand Suzuki X5 200cc bike for the purpose of taking it apart and finding out what engines were all about. That one is still in the loft and my parents house I think. As you can see, they were all Suzuki's (except the latest one). I think the only reason for this is because my local dealer gave good deals on them. I always wanted a RD350YPVS or a RD500 but couldn't get a price I could afford.

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